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How can I earn money on internet? - Una pregunta cada día

Una pregunta cada día

Todas las respuestas, a todas las preguntas

A quick way to make money online is through advertising on blogs. Although there are several systems, among other Adsense, a page is going very well PopAds

With PopAds I won enough money and the best service in terms of payments, to put on your blog. Moreover they accept any subject.

Pay pretty well, it is easy to use and properly configured is not annoying, so the user will repeat not feeling invaded. I explain how to do to set it up properly.

PopAds, registration and step by step guide for implementation on our website:

Click on the following link to access PopAds sign up (will open in a new window): https://www.popads.net

It is important that you choose publisher account and not advertiser. Publisher is dedicated to those who want to appear on your web ads, advertiser is for anyone who wants to pay for your ads out on other sites.

Once registered, automatic, we will access our control panel. From here we can add our websites. There is no limit, but you can try a first and see if after you served and placed in some more if you have more blogs. You have to click on New Website.
Once you have completed all the necessary data and added our few hours we expect to be accepted, we will send you a confirmation email. Not usually take more than one day.

Once the page is accepted must generate the code. To this point we enter websites and click in Generate code. It is important that code to copy it to take you to our website.

The code we have to paste copied on our site. Enter the editor of your site (if it is a blog blogspot, wordpress, etc … or if tumblr, or any other free, you have to go to settings and enter edit html. There wilt thou set the code between <head> and </ head>. I recommend you stick just before </ head> and so will be easier to find if then want to change.

From your control page PopAds you can follow the statistics. And when you get 5 $ and you can charge via paypal, by check or other methods.

Easy, non-invasive and cost effective.

Did you learn? What will you use it?

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